We didn’t know what path we were tumbling down. Only that we wanted to get our hands muddy and nurture something positive in this world. Stephanie and I loved to garden, we loved plants and animals, we love this place called earth and we like to get it under our finger nails, leave sweat on it after a solid hike and enjoy all it’s wonders. We are bonded through our experiences as white passing others and lovers of nature. We both grew up in the new American standard, homes of splintered families. We began day dreaming of providing for ourselves, of trying our best to disconnect from capitalism, of clawing out our own space were we didn’t depend on others who governed our choices about our body, what we put on it, in it, around it, exposed it, moved it or loved it. Our lifestyles are that of constant improvement, of withdrawing from the capitalist model and embracing community. What better way than nurturing little sprouts into adult food stuffs? Take it a set further and donating half of our surplus to the Food Bank. That settled it, we became farmers.

The path to farmer has only just begun. To call our current space a farm would cause some debate. But to call our space a garden would undermine our hopes and dreams. It would halt it in it’s growth and evolution. We won’t be held back and neither will our ground. We are farming for subsistence, we are farming for the environment, we are farming for those who’ve felt hunger, we are farming for the revolution, for economic and environmental justice, to be good stewards of a tiny parcel of land that should neither be abused nor ignored and wasted. We are farming because labor intensive work  in the cold rain is more satisfactory and rewarding than money. We have to pay our bills but money is no longer King in our world full of Queens. Ourselves, our Queen Mother Earth, Our Queen bee and her lovely daughters, our ever happy farm dog Copper and her endless love of mud, our two sister llamas, Ella Mae and Victoria. We are a farm of empowered women looking for alternatives to self sacrifice and compromise.