50 Fifty Farm

We aim to feed ourselves and our community. This is our home grown revolution! #SubsistenceResistance

Our farming goals have always involved giving back. We settled on the title 50 Fifty Farms, half because hashtag #50FiftyFarm was sleek and easy to read and because we wanted to be able to give back 50% of our farms production to our community. 50% of our efforts and labor are to go back free of charge to those less fortunate than us. We are lucky to have free land, we are lucky to have tools and tractors at our free use, we are lucky to have the time and freedom to undertake this endeavor wrought with unknowns and zero guarantees.

50  Fifty Farms will be a beacon of hope, of community, of sustainable practices and acceptance of all people from all walks of life. What the 50% might look like we aren’t totally sure. We know we’ll have bills to pay, we know that more than food, but teaching others how to grow food and care for this earth is also important and we know we need to eat too. We’ll grow our own food, we’ll donate food, but we might also offer educational opportunities that’ll be free or help pay for the donated food production. Time will tell what the 50% of our farms activities will look like. It will certainly involve community and celebration! Oh! And food!

Our farm is about empowerment. Please follow along on this journey and join in when you can! We are excited to share our experiences, successes and failures and steep learning curves with you! Join the #HomeGrownRevolution!!

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